October is one of the best times of the year for a detox. Why? Rebooting your body can help to stave off colds and flu, increase energy, improve mood, balance weight and reset your tastebuds just in time for the onslaught of holiday cheer (think excess sugar and alcohol).

Everyone can benefit from a little internal fall cleaning. Toxins found in food, water, the environment, medications, cosmetics, etc., can accumulate in your body in the same way dust builds up in your home.  Without periodic cleansing, the body can become overwhelmed by toxins. This causes the major channels of detoxification and elimination to become congested and overworked, eventually leading to fatigue, weight gain, depressed immunity and illness. Embarking on a gentle detoxification regimen can alleviate many common ailments and greatly improve your energy and overall health.

There are all kinds of “detox diets” on the market today, including strict 3-day juice fasts,  raw food diets and cabbage soup cleanses. Intense cleanses may cause uncomfortable detox reactions and are often not sustainable, even if they only last a few days.

My preference is to use gentle detoxification programs that help people feel better and make lasting changes in their diet and lifestyle. One of the most important components of my detoxification protocol is to add more organic vegetables and fruits to your diet. These super foods contain myriad essential nutrients that promote optimal detoxification and elimination. Aim for half of your plate to be vegetables at every meal and enjoy 2 to 3 fresh organic fruits every day!

Reach out to me via email or phone to find out more about my detoxification programs.  One of my most popular nutrition services is creating customized detoxification programs and leading group and corporate detox workshops. If you’re short on time, check out my free ebook that includes everything you need to embark on a gentle 7-day reset.

Until next time, make every bite count!