There’s research out of Stanford proving that to make a healthy habit stick you need to scale it way back.

I mean waaaay back.

It should take 5 minutes or less in the beginning.

That’s because it’s critical to reach your goal and experience the positive emotions that come along with success.

  • Emotions create habits!
  • Feeling successful creates habits!
  • Success is the momentum that motivates you to repeat the habit!

And even though it may sound silly,  5 minutes does make a positive impact. I’ve seen it work with many clients.

If you think 5 minutes won’t make a difference, imagine how you would feel if I asked you to smoke as many cigarettes as you can in 5 minutes.  Gross!

This would obviously negatively impact your health over time, just as 5 minutes of a healthy habit will positively impact your health when done consistently.

Trust me, it works.

Remember, when we feel healthier we get more out of our lives. And I want you to thrive, not just survive.