Clients are Thriving!

Thank you for not judging me, giving me small goals to work towards, and never letting me feel like I wasn’t worth it!

You are truly an amazing person. I wouldn’t have been able to get this far having tried on my own or working with anyone else! I’m looking forward to the day where we can sit together in the same space and make new goals and celebrate milestones 🙂

Working with Diana was amazing! She personalized my experience, has a great sense of humor, and provided the support to keep me on track.

The recipes Diana offers are amazing and provide just enough guidance to help you re-think choices and how “each bite counts”.

I think our generation has been given mixed message over the years with what is good for us and what is not – I have been subject to the “yo-yo”.

I just completed Diana’s detox workshop. These past 3 weeks have re-set my thinking and have been life changing. I can’t thank Diana enough for her approach and for sharing her knowledge.

I loved working with Diana recently!

She helped me determine a nutritionally-balanced diet for my family, focusing on our toddler son who has numerous food allergies.

My husband and I often ran out of ideas to keep him eating a variety of foods until we met with Diana.

Being focused on health while thinking creatively allowed her to give us the direction we needed. And while Diana was helping our son, she also gave us some great tips, too! It is easy to see Diana’s passion for nutrition, and her energy and bright smile are infectious. Every Bite Counts Nutrition is highly recommended!

Thank you for bringing (the Cleanse) to my world. It has been a remarkable journey.

Being able to walk past the coffee pot at work turned out to be easier than I thought. Walking past the food cupboard, that was harder.

Sprouts Farmers Market and I are now on a first name basis. I’ve been referring to the Cleanse as the “Eat-Like-a-Grownup Diet.”

I have (experienced) improved energy from getting off of the carbohydrate roller coaster, a significant drop in my food budget – so much less eating out, and I lost thirteen pounds! Thanks again for this. It feels like a lifestyle change. A great one.

I highly recommend Diana to individuals, companies, organizations, or groups of any kind who wish to learn more about evidence-based healthy nutrition and live a healthier life with Diana’s caring and supportive counseling.

Diana spoke to my daughter’s competitive 16U softball team on nutrition for peak athletic performance and general good health.

Diana’s knowledge and caring, enthusiastic attitude piqued the girls’ interest on the topics and led to some great questions during the Q&A session.

If you are experiencing inflammation at all, I highly suggest you try Diana’s 21 day detox program.

I had lots of joint pain going into the detox and was absolutely amazed at how my body felt after just a few days being gluten, sugar, caffine, and dairy free. This way of eating is so easy once you feel the results with every step!

My family and I are crediting you, Diana, with saving my life!

With your knowledge, positive attitude and support you have helped me do something in only 30 days that I could not do for myself in almost 12 months. Thank you so much. You are one of the most remarkable people I know and you are on my “top 10 list.”

Thank you again for the Cleanse and all the support.

I lost 8 lbs., tried some new recipes, new veggies, I have loads of energy and feel great!

I didn’t even know what a parsnip looked like before I met you!!!
Diana is amazing!

She has my whole family eating vegetables we have never had before. Most of her recipes are great, too. In addition to feeling better, I lost almost 10 pounds. Eating right is quite a bit of prep, but really worth it to feel healthier.

Many thanks for everything you did to guide our motley crew through the community cleanse!

The power of having friends and neighbors doing it together was truly galvanizing! My plate in life was much too full during the cleanse…

The good news – because I was eating well, and not drinking caffeine, I was still able to face each day feeling even and not depleted. Amazing!

I cannot believe how good I felt while doing (the Cleanse).

This 21 day detox really did help curb (my) sugar and soda cravings.

(I was) not so tired in the afternoons and evenings. It was great. I lost about 5-6 pounds, and I was really happy with that. I am definitely being more careful in when I choose to indulge… I also have loved the recipes.

My big new veggie is spaghetti squash vs. spaghetti itself. Thank you again for all of your wonderful knowledge and support along the way.

The 21 Day Fall Community Cleanse was yet another wonderful journey with Diana.

I feel (am) lighter… More balanced… Clear headed…have more energy…Patient… I like feeling good… It is a cycle… Feeling better in body and spirit drives one to make healthy choices in diet and exercise… I always want to feel this good… so… I continue to make good choices!  Thank you once again, Diana… You have changed my life forever!

In my opinion, Diana is more than just an “expert” on what to eat.

She breaks down and really helps you understand the reason for label reading and what to look for when shopping.

I’ve struggled with healthful eating and finding the knowledge to help my family eat a healthier more balanced food lifestyle has been a weak point for me.

Diana met with me and literally opened her fridge, to show me the labels and what things to look for and what things to avoid and why! I got great meal plans and snack ideas and I refer to her list every single week as I’m planning my meals.

What I love about Diana is that she is so enthusiastic to help. She really, really cares about nutrition and about making families healthier; she takes it very seriously and loves her job!

You can clearly see her passion from the moment you ask your first nutrition question!

She makes it clear that her goal is to help families eat better, more balanced and she gets that we are all busy, so meals can’t take all day. She is inspiring and brings her knowledge down to a level where it totally understood.

I have met with several nutritionists and, by far, Diana is the most passionate and most knowledgeable nutritionist I know, she’s a real gem in this field. I truly can’t say enough about her! 

Diana has helped me change my life. I think she is amazing!

I started seeing Diana 4 years ago. At the time I didn’t know the impact she would make on my life or my family’s.

I had trouble sleeping the past 5 years. Now I am off every sleeping aid I have ever used and sleep better then I ever remember.

She has simple ways to change habits I have developed in my life and replace them with healthy alternatives. I used to rely on medicine to make me feel better, now I know how to adjust my eating habits to make me feel great!

I have a clearer sense about myself. My mind and body work much better together. Diana helped me learn so much about myself and how to maintain a healthy body and life!

I am grateful for her knowledge, guidance and love.

It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend Diana!

Her dedication is exemplified in her commitment to helping people find health and wellness regardless of the circumstances.

Diana’s respect for well-being leads her to honor each person’s individual needs in finding the right nutritional program. With her desire for knowledge, she is armed with a wealth of information and tools necessary to address a multitude of nutritional needs.

And Diana’s persistence aids her investigation in solving any health issue. Whether you have a chronic condition, want to lose weight, or simply want to eat more healthfully, Diana will be the partner you need to achieve your goals.

Having known Diana in a casual setting before her foray into the nutritional field, it is no surprise to me that Diana has become committed to health through diet in a professional manner.

She has a strong belief and commitment to the power of food and how food effects health. Diana’s knowledge, kindness, and compassion suits her well to help people in their quest for wellness.

I wanted to reach out and let you know how amazing I feel after your detox!

I no longer crave caffeine, sugar, gluten or dairy. I have learned to love the little things, like fresh lemon squeezed in my detox tea, the sweetness of Honeycrisp apples, the tartness of green bell peppers, seeds in my salad and quiet moments when I need to do nothing at all. Ahhhhh….

My skin has cleared up and my emotions are a little more intact. I may have outbursts still, but find the reason for the outburst so much sooner now so that I can adjust. I lost a bit of weight, maybe 6 pounds. Finding happier easier too! Thank you so much for everything, hope to do it again in the Spring with you and your group.


Before working with Diana I had high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and there was some suggestion that I consider a statin. We’ll, I just had blood work done, and guess what? All my levels this year are within normal limits. Yay! I guess this just goes to show – Every Bite Counts! Thanks for working with me and my family!

Chris L.

Diana, you are so kind, positive and downright amazing!

Thank you for your patience with my “squirrel mind”, and for answering all my questions during our meetings, and then some!


I feel like I just met my “New Friend & Advocate” and the relief is starting to set in.

I really appreciate the support and help getting my family and I on the right track with fresh new ideas and inspiration!


Since I first saw you, Diana, my insulin has been cut in half and my cholesterol has gone down. Also, I’m free of Candida!! Thanks for all of your help and support!


It’s been three years since I came to see you after my first colonoscopy. I had multiple polyps, significant inflammation and lesions.

I did your “heal your gut diet” and supplements you recommended and then slowly switched over to a predominately gluten, sugar and dairy free diet. I cheat once in awhile.

I had my second colonoscopy on Tuesday and my colon looks completely normal and healthy. Proof that every bite counts.


I’m so glad I did this!!! I felt better about myself and my future after meeting with you. Thank you so much! I should have done this a few years ago – thanks again for all your help!!!