I hear it all the time: It costs too much to eat healthy! People often ask me how I can afford to shop at a healthy grocer and buy organic foods?

Just the other day my wonderful mother suggested I repost the information below comparing real food snacks to less healthy options. (These are actual prices from my local supermarket.) While grass-fed meat/dairy and pastured eggs can be pricey, not all healthy foods break the bank, especially when it comes to snacks.

Bag of baby carrots = $1.50 / bag of chips = $3.19

Organic apple = $.60 / candy bar = $1.19

Banana = $.20 / pack of gum = $1.39

Organic applesauce = $.54 / container of pudding = $.75

Gallon of spring water = $.85 / gallon of soda = $.99

Box of “healthier” granola bars = $2.50 / packaged cinnamon rolls $2.99

Container of old fashioned rolled oats (30 servings) = $2.99 / Fruit Loops (10 servings) $3.99

Of course, if you’re not snacking on fruits and veggies it’s always healthier and more affordable to make your own treats. Experiment with coconut flour or nut flour for a lower-glycemic load but don’t overdue it. Even homemade cookies, muffins and granola bars are meant to be eaten in moderation.

Share this list with your teenager. When it comes to real food snacks their money will go a lot further choosing an apple over a candy bar! Until next time, make every bite count!