My friends and family would call me a squash addict. From acorn to butternut to delicata, I love them all!

There’s one obscure variety that stole my heart a few years back. It’s called kabocha squash and it’s so sweet that it’s almost like dessert!

Squash is full of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C.  It’s a fabulous source of fiber and packs some magnesium, potassium and manganese, as well!

You can bake it whole, scoop out the seeds and enjoy the warm squash. Or try slicing it into wedges, brushing with extra virgin olive oil and baking at 350 degrees until soft and golden. Another way I like it is pureed with chicken broth to make a hearty soup.

If you want to get fancy, check out this recipe for stuffed kabocha squash:

Anyway you slice it (or bake it), you’ll love this fall treat!

Until next time, make every bite count!