In the world of health and fitness “all-or-nothing” thinking often gets us “nothing”.  We believe that if we can’t do something perfectly or according to plan then it’s worthless.  

If we don’t have time to make an Instagram-worthy meal than we might as well head to McDonalds. No time for an hour-long workout?  Forget it!  Anything less is worthless so we trade the exercise session for a session of binge-watching Netflix.

It’s clear that “all-or-nothing” thinking rarely gets us “all”, yet we wonder why we can’t reach our health goals or feel our best?

Something fast and fun that really works when life gets in the way of health goals (or any goals for that matter) is to practice a “5 minute motion”.  Basically, a “5 minute motion” is a small movement that takes you in the direction of your destination.

You always have 5 minutes in your day. Use the time to do something that moves you closer to your goal.

The most common obstacle to healthy eating and exercise is time. Instead of feeling frustrated with your lack of time for a workout, take a short walk (or try a high intensity Tabata 4-minute workout).  No time to prepare a fancy meal?  No problem!  Toss together a quick salad with pre-washed greens and canned salmon.  No time for self-care this week?  Take 5 minutes to sit in the sunshine, meditate, stretch, or practice gratitude.

Even the smallest of actions -a “5 minute motion”- can become a springboard that moves you closer to your goals. An object in motion stays in motion!

What will your “5 minute motion” be for today?