My previous two posts have focused on food allergies and their connection to gut health. As promised, this article includes tips for improving – and even reversing – food sensitivities and allergies using nutritional protocols. I truly believe that all disease begins in the gut, which is why a major focus of my practice is geared toward helping people optimize their digestive function. Gut health is at the root of many chronic disorders, including allergies, even if you think your gut is healthy because you do not experience digestive problems.

The therapeutic diet I recommend most for restoring gut health is the GAPS diet. The primary goal of GAPS is to restore the integrity of the gut barrier and reverse dysbiosis through diet and supplementation. For this reason, the GAPS diet contains large amounts of homemade bone broth to repair the intestinal barrier and avoids all disaccharides and polysaccharides, including all grains. While the GAPS diet is considered a temporary therapeutic protocol, it generally requires a two-year commitment. This is typically the amount of time it takes for the gut wall to heal and seal and for the body to rebalance itself.

Another method for restoring gut health is the 4R gut repair program. This systematic approach is used by many healthcare practitioners to help individuals recover from intestinal dysbiosis and leaky gut. The 4R program and has four components – remove, replace, reinoculate, and repair – and typically depends heavily on supplements to heal and seal the gut. A gut repair protocol may include L-glutamine, zinc, fish oil, vitamins A, C, E, as well as certain herbal remedies. There is much anecdotal evidence supporting the efficacy of the 4R program for restoring gut health.

Fermented foods can also play an important role in reestablishing a healthy inner ecosystem. Fermenting techniques have been used for thousands of years to preserve food and keep people healthy. Homemade probiotic foods are strongly promoted by GAPS (yogurt, kefir, vegetables and fish) and the 4R program.

As you can see, it is possible to improve your gut health to reduce or eliminate allergies. Until next time, make every bite count!