This fall I have the privilege of leading a community detoxification in the best place to live in America (literally –Louisville has been named the #1 place to live twice by Money Magazine!) More than 30 people have committed to a strict 21-day detox regimen where they will eliminate sugar, processed foods, caffeine, gluten, dairy, alcohol, peanuts, soy, corn, and trans fats. You might be wondering what’s left to eat? The answer is whole, real, organic fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, raw nuts & seeds, lean animal protein, gluten-free whole grains, and fermented foods. (This is why I call my cleanse the Real Food Detox.)

Giving up sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy, etc. is really challenging, especially considering the world we live in. With busy schedules and the availability of convenience foods, many people depend on coffee to wake them up, sugar to keep them going, and alcohol to put them to sleep. The power of knowing your friend or neighbor is detoxifying with you makes all the difference in the world! In the spirit of creating a healthy community, several local businesses have offer discounted wellness services for the community detox participants, including massage, foot reflexology, infrared sauna, and meditation. I told you this was the best place to live in America!

As you might imagine the community detox has created quite a buzz around town. I’m sure some people think we’ve gone crazy – maybe overdosed on shiitake mushrooms or had too much kombucha. The truth is, regular detoxification is critical for optimum health. A detox is a healthy “reset” or “reboot” for the body. Detoxification helps to:

  • Clear toxins that accumulate in your fat cells and promote weight gain
  • Rest and repair your digestive system
  • Stop addictive eating habits (e.g. sugar and caffeine)
  • Uncover hidden food allergies
  • Inspire long-term healthy changes!

Eliminating the “bad stuff” and switching to real foods can be very challenging. Don’t go it alone. There is power in a healthy community. Until next time, make every bite count!